What traditional doula service versus a virtual doula service? How can these help you with the birth of your baby?

I have been a birth doula for 15 years and have attended over 500 births.

Many parents face uncertain financial times when planning for the birth of their baby and often times, hiring a doula is not a priority due to finances.  However, I truly believe in the many benefits and advantages in having someone to support you in late pregnancy and early labor, so I am offering both of these services to help support families and make doula support a reality for everyone!

Traditional Doula Service
My fee for doula service is $1500.00 dollars which includes a free consultation, 2 in-depth prenatal visits in your home, 24-hour on call availability for your birth, unlimited access to me via text/phone/email, resource support, birth planning assistance, breastfeeding assistance, birth photos, and a follow up visit postbirth.

$550.00 Virtual Doula Service Includes:
-on call support from 34 weeks up to 2 weeks postpartum via text, phone, Skype and email
-24/7 on call support from 37 weeks to birth for texts, email, and Skype
- an initial in-home consultation to help design and review your birth preferences and options
-phone availability during labor to field questions and help with birth options
- 1 in-home postpartum support for breastfeeding

​This service is also ideal for couples who want a more "intimate" experience, feeling more comfortable with having just mom and dad present.

Lorraine Shorman,CD(DONA)
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